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Batch D International #1

10-pack - 2014

Rest of World


Porsche Boxster
silver blue, detailed trim
Sahara Survivor
orange, dark gray roll cage, TRACKER
metallic lime, yellow fenders, 102, yellow and black design
Dodge Charger Pursuit
black, yellow stripe, BOONE COUNTY SHERIFF
Dirt Smasher
metallic lime, white, black, black and yellow, DS
2005 Tow Truck
salmon, gray boom area, MBX and stripes
metallic purple, WHIPLASH with white and blue stripes
Road Raider
silver-gray, black, POLICE, black door
Ford F-550 Mini Pumper Fire Truck
yellow, gray, F63 and red stripe
Pit King
metallic green, gray, PIT KING and stripes

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