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Batch C USA #1

9-Pack - 2013

United States


1968 Lamborghini Miura P400S
apple green, detailed trim
Jeep Willys
matte rust, MBX FD, yellow checkers, silver shovel
ATV 6x6
periwinkle, POLAR 6X6, snow spatter
Terrain Trouncer
metallic purple, black, white, yellow, red, TEAM MBX
Jeep Willys II
metallic gray, black roll bar, JEEP WILLYS CONCEPT
2012 Ford Explorer Interceptor
pearly white, red, stripes and dashes, FIRE CHIEF
Jaguar XK120SE
periwinkle, detailed trim
Sowing Machine
orange, white, S554, stripes
Ford F-550 Mini Pumper Fire Truck
white, red, M. F. D.

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