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Batch C International #2

10-Pack - 2012

Rest of World


Land Rover SVX
white, blue, orange, and black stripes, 8
LTI (Carbodies) Fairway London Taxi
black, brown and tan, FIRST ROYAL CAB
Cliff Hanger
bright blue, 1
Crop Master
yellow, MBX
Pit King
yellow, white, BEACH MAINTENANCE
Seagrave Classic Fire Engine
red, detailed trim
Aston Martin DBS Volante
silver-gray, headlights
2003 Dodge Ram SRT-10
lime, black and white, UPHILL COMMAND, 7
pearly white deck, transluscent orange hull, blue airfoils, PIRATE CHASER
Desert Thunder V16
salmon, 2 diagonal stripes, SUPPLY

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