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Standard Pack
Batch D #2

Standard Pack - 2008

United States


Mercedes-Benz S 500
charcoal, chrome grille, painted lights
TVR Tuscan S
metallic orange, TVR on black lower stripe
2004 Bentley Continental GT Coupe
pearly white, detailed trim
2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
metallic blue, detailed trim
Subaru Impreza Police
silver-gray, POLICE, blue and white checkers
Rescue Helicopter
black, gray blades, white tail, 541, crest, gold and blue stripes
Taxi Cab
yellow, FAST FOOD
Desert Thunder V16
green-gold, RACE TEAM 28
2006 Hummer H3
dark metallic blue, HUMMER, white / brown / blue design
Honda Ridgeline