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10 Pack

10 Pack - 1992


China - cardboard

Ford RS 200
white, red with black 7
Audi Quattro
dark gray, QUATTRO OOOO and AUDI
Chevrolet Breakdown Van
yellow, black 24 HOURS boom and roof mount, AUTO RELAY 24 HOURS TOWING
Dodge Dakota Pick-Up
bright red, black and white stripes / DAKOTA ST
Mercury Sable Wagon
white, white tailgate, gray band on doors
Dodge Challenger Hot Rod
yellow, black, TOYMAN, D / 174 PRO
Skoda 130 LR
white, red trunk, SKODA 44 without DUCKHAMS on sides (red, dark blue and light blue)
Leyland Titan London Bus
Volvo Tilt Truck
white, white canopy, PIRELLI GRIPPING STUFF / gray tread pattern
Volvo Container Truck
dark red, white container, BIG TOP CIRCUS