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Gold Coin Series
Gold Collection
Pontiac GTO Judge

metallic blue, blue airfoil, red and white, detail trim, license DJUDGE
Mustang Mach III

yellow, detail trim, license FUN1
Corvette T-Top

maroon, detailed trim, license POPTOP
Ferrari F40

red, small Ferrari logo, detail trim, license RED HOT
Mitsubishi Spyder

metallic blue, detailed trim, license DROPTP
Ford T-Bird Turbo Coupe

white, red side stripe, detailed trim, license COUPE
Camaro Z-28

candy red, detailed trim, black roof, license SS1
Corvette Roadster

dark metallic green, detail trim, license RAGTOP
Corvette Stingray III

black, detailed trim, license GR8-1
Toyota Supra Turbo

black, detailed trim, license TOYBO
Lamborghini Diablo

white, detailed trim, license EL
Dodge Viper RT/10

red, dual yellow stripes, detail trim, license HISSSS
Porsche 944 Turbo

candy red, open doors, detailed trim, license TURBO
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

plum, detailed trim, license CLOUD-1

metallic blue, detailed trim, license HP 4 ME
Mazda RX-7

bright blue, detailed trim, license ROCKET
Ferrari Testarossa

silver-gray, detail trim, license XOTIC
Mercedes 500SL

white, detailed trim, license S-SL 500
Plymouth Prowler

black, plain, detailed trim, license 2 COOL
'57 Thunderbird

white, detailed trim, license DOOWOP
Lamborghini Countach

dark orange, detailed trim, license FLAME
Mustang Cobra

pumpkin, detail trim, license STANG
Jaguar XK120

cream, detailed trim, license EL GATO
Ferrari 308GTB

red, red metallic, detail trim, logo, license CTA 11V
Porsche 959

red, detailed trim, license 1 HOT TUB
Aston Martin DB-7

metallic green, detail trim, license MI5
Lincoln Coninental

silver-gray, dark blue rear roof, detail trim, license 2LONG
Ford Aeromax

KB Toys
white, black chassis, KB TOYS
Mack CH-600

white, black chassis, HAAGEN-DAZS
Gold Collection King Size Rigs
Action System

blue cab, orange trailer

Ford Aeromax
white cab and trailer

yellow cab and trailer

blue cab and trailer

white cab, blue trailer
Pizza Hut

red cab, white trailer

black cab and trailer
Body Glove

black cab and trailer
Toys R Us

white cab and trailer
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