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Ford Bronco II

white, black / red / orange stripes with BRONCO
Ford T-Bird Turbo Coupe

dark red, black side stripe, TURBO COUPE on sides, emblem towards front
Ferrari F40

red, Ferrari logo
Pontiac Firebird

black, white and red FIREBIRD
Lamborghini Countach

yellow, black COUNTACH, Lamborghini logo
Jaguar XJ6

metallic red
Corvette "T" Top

yellow, CORVETTE, blue and lavender stripes
Camaro IROC Z

lemon, IROC-Z with orange, red, dark blue stripe
Ferrari Testarossa

red, large Ferrari logo
Porsche 959

charcoal gray, PORSCHE / 959 red / orange / yellow
Porsche 944

red, open doors, pale yellow 944 TURBO / large Porsche logo
Corvette Convertibile

yellow, CORVETTE and Chevy logo towards rear
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