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Matchbox 1989 Lineup
J 1
Jaguar XJ 6
metallic red
J 2
Rover Sterling
metallic red, black side stripe, silver headlights, black front door posts and window pillars
J 3
Porsche 930 Turbo
dark blue, yellow stripe and PORSCHE, Porsche logo
J 4
Carbodies Taxi FX 4 R
J 5
Peterbilt Tanker
white, yellow with red line and PB logo, silver, SHELL (logo at front)
J 6
F 1 Racer
yellow, MB RACING TEAM 5
J 7
Porsche 959
charcoal gray, PORSCHE / 959 red / orange / yellow
J 8
Vauxhall Astra GTE / Opel Kadett GSi Police
white, blue roof light, POLICE with red and blue stripes
white, blue roof light, POLIZEI on dark green hood and doors
J 9
Caterpillar D 9 Bulldozer
yellow, black
J 10
Buick Le Sabre Stock Car
bright yellow, 10, SHELL, E. MARSHALL
J 11
Lamborghini Countach LP 500 S
yellow, black COUNTACH, Lamborghini logo
J 12
Modified Racer
orange, black side bars, 12, yellow stripes
J 13
Merryweather Snorkel Fire Engine
dull red, FIRE DEPT. in gold shield
J 14
Grand Prix Racing Car (based on Williams FW 11)
white and light powder blue, black rear wing, 15, GOODYEAR, SHELL
J 15
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
white, light purple 205 / SHELL with red, yellow and blue stripes
J 16
Land Rover Ninety
red, white roof, dark and light gray stripes with COUNTY
dark red, white roof, dark and light gray stripes with COUNTY
J 17
Leyland Titan
J 18
Oshkosh Extending-Ladder Fire Engine
red, FIRE DEPT and shield
J 19
Peterbilt Cement Truck
blue, lemon, KWIK SET CEMENT (peach)
J 20
Volkswagen Transporter Ambulance
white, orange stripe and cross
J 21
Chevrolet Breakdown Van
yellow, black 24 HOURS boom and roof mount, AUTO RELAY 24 HOURS TOWING
J 22
Saab 9000 Turbo
metallic red
J 23
Peterbilt Quarry Truck
dark yellow, PACE, light blue and white stripe
J 24
Lincoln Town Car
J 25
Audi Quattro
dark gray, QUATTRO OOOO and AUDI
J 26
Volvo Tilt Truck
dark blue, yellow canopy, MICHELIN (thick letters)
dark blue, yellow canopy, MICHELIN (thin letters)
J 27
Jeep Cherokee
yellow, dark gray body panel, MR. FIXER
J 28
1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z
red, open hood, yellow and blue TURBO Z
J 29
Muir Hill Shovel Nose Tractor
yellow, black shovel, black stripes \\ //
light yellow, black shovel, black stripes \\ //
yellow-orange, black shovel, black stripes \\ //
J 30
Mercedes-Benz 280 GE
white, white roof, blue roof lights, POLIZEI, green doors and hood
J 31
BMW 5-Series
dark charcoal, silver headlights
J 32
Atlas Excavator
yellow, gloss black, black stripes
yellow-orange, gloss black, black stripes
J 33
Mercury Sable Wagon
white, white tailgate, gray band on doors
J 34
Ford RS 200
blue, white with white 2
J 35
Ford Bronco II
white, black / red / orange stripes with BRONCO
J 36
Ford Refuse Truck
green, yellow, STATE CITY
orange, gray, REFUSE DISPOSAL
J 37
Ford Escort Cabriolet
white, XR 3i with blue stripes
dark blue, XR 3i with silver stripes
J 38
Ford Model A Van
yellow, black, black textured, MB SERIES MODEL A
dark blue, black, black textured, MB SPEED SHOP, yellow stripes
dark blue, black, black dext., MB SPEED SHOP, yellow stripes
J 39
BMW 323i Cabriolet
white, black 323i, BMW logo on hood
red, black 323i
J 40
Transporter Vehicle with Rocket
white, NASA with US flag, both sides rocket, white B rocket
white, NASA with US flag, both sides rocket, white C rocket
J 41
Racing Porsche 935
red, black / gold / white stripes with 41 PORSCHE
J 42
Faun Mobile Crane
yellow, yellow metal, REYNOLDS CRANE HIRE
J 43
Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC
black, open doors, gold side stripe / 500 SEC
J 44
Skoda 130 LR
white, red trunk, SKODA 44 with DUCKHAMS on sides (red, dark blue and light blue)
white, red trunk, SKODA 44 with DUCKHAMS on sides (red, navy blue and light blue)
J 45
Ford Cargo Skip Truck
yellow, black arms, pearly gray metal dump, orange stripes
light yellow, black arms, pearly gray metal dump, orange stripes
J 46
Sauber Group C Racer
light blue, GRAND PRIX 46
J 47
International School Bus
orange-yellow, SCHOOL DISTRICT 2
J 48
Vauxhall Astra GTE / Opel Kadett GSi
white, AC DELCO, 48
white, STP, SPHERE DRAKE, 7 (mid blue)
J 49
Peugeot Quasar
plum, yellow / QUASAR on doors
J 50
Chevrolet Blazer 4X4
white, SHERIFF, 7, SP-7, red hood and side stripe
J 51
Ford LTD Police
white, red and blue roof light, chrome grille, orange and black POLICE PD-21
J 52
red, orange / blue / white stripes, 1
red, orange / dull blue / white stripes, 1
J 53
Faun Dump Truck
yellow, pearly silver, orange stripes, black grille
J 54
Command Vehicle (based on Winnebago)
yellow, red pump pump radar, black beacons, FOAM UNIT 3, METRO AIRPORT
J 55
Ford Sierra XR 4 i
J 56
Volkswagen Golf GTI
dark gray, silver side panel with black stripe and GTI
J 57
Mission Helicopter
red, white blades, white skis, white tail, SHERIFF / AIR 1
J 58
Mercedes-Benz 300 E
silver-blue, black bottom side stripe
J 59
Porsche 944 Turbo
red, open doors, pale yellow 944 TURBO / large Porsche logo
J 60
Ford Transit
white, WELLA
white, red cross, red stripe, gray rectangle
white, XP with yellow and green stripes
J 61
Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
dark red, black side stripe, TURBO COUPE on sides, emblem towards front
J 62
Volvo 760
dark silver-gray
dark plum, silver headlights
J 63
Ford 4X4 Open Back Truck
white, 63 and stripes
J 64
Oldsmobile Aerotech
J 65
Cadillac Allante
J 66
Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
J 67
Ikarus Coach
white, green roof, medium green CITY LINE / TOURIST
white, green roof, dark green CITY LINE / TOURIST
J 68
Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 28
lemon, IROC-Z with orange, red, dark blue stripe
lemon, IROC-Z with orange, red, dark green stripe
J 69
Volvo 480 ES
white, plain hood, 480ES on sides, black stripe at rear
white, VOLVO on hood, 480ES on sides, black stripe at rear
J 70
Ferrari F 40
red, Ferrari logo
J 71
GMC Wrecker
white, FRANK'S GETTY, orange and red stripe
J 72
Ford Supervan II
white, no roof lights, STARFIRE
white, no roof lights, light blue FORD SUPERVAN
J 73
Mercedes-Benz TV News Truck
dark blue, silver-gray, 75 NEWS, MB TV MOBILE ONE
J 74
Ford Utility Truck
gray, ENERGY INC. with orange cab front
J 75
Ferrari Testarossa
red, large Ferrari logo