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Matchbox 1979 Lineup
J 1
Dodge Challenger
red, white
J 2
Mazda Savanna RX-7
green, narrow black side stripe, RX-7
yellow, narrow black side stripe, RX-7
J 3
Porsche 930 Turbo
dark brown
dark metallic brown
matte gray
J 4
Pontiac Firebird
light metallic blue
dark metallic blue
J 5
Nissan Fairlady Z
pearly silver
J 6
Mercedes-Benz 350SL Convertible
medium bronze, black roof
medium bronze, white roof
light bronze, white roof
dark bronze, white roof
maroon, white roof
J 7
Volkswagen Golf
yellow, ADAC
J 8
De Tomaso Pantera
white, 8, 8 (sided)
white, 8
white, 9 (from SF62c)
white, sun (from SF47b)
cream, 8, 8 (sided)
J 9
Ford Escort RS 2000
white, DUNLOP 9 (sided)
white, DUNLOP 9 (sided), no roof label
white, DUNLOP 9 (sided), longer side
J 10
Plymouth Gran Fury
white, POLICE with shield (black)
J 11
Bedford Car Transporter
light orange, beige
light orange, bone white
J 12
Big Bull
orange, medium metallic green blade
J 13
GMC Snorkel Fire Engine
red, yellow boom, yellow bucket
J 14
Iso Grifo
powder blue
J 15
Lansing Bagnall Fork Lift Truck
red, LANSING, pegasus at front facing forward
J 16
light bronze, cream antenna
light bronze, ivory antenna
light bronze, black antenna
dark bronze, black antenna
J 17
Daimler Londoner
blue, MATCHBOX 1953-1978
orange, MATCHBOX 1953-1978
red, MATCHBOX 1953-1978
red, BERGER PAINTS (round) (sided)
J 18
Lotus Europa
black, gold JPS tampo
J 19
Peterbilt Cement Truck
red, orange-yellow, red slashes
red, gray, red slashes
red, orange-yellow
J 20
Range Rover Police Patrol
white, orange POLICE 3 / 16" wide
white, orange POLICE 1 / 8" narrow
J 21
Renault 5 TL
yellow, black LE CAR
metallic blue
dark metallic blue
silver-gray, red A 5
J 22
Blaze Buster Fire Engine
light red, FIRE
J 23
Atlas Dump Truck
dark blue, orange
J 24
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
J 25
Ford GT
white, wildcat head (from SF01b)
white, spotted cat head (from SF01b)
white, 6 (yellow / red / green, from SF62c)
white, 6 (blue)
J 26
Site Dumper
yellow, red
J 27
Lamborghini Countach
red, lime and black 8 tampo
J 28
Lincoln Continental MK V
light red, white roof
dark red, white roof
J 29
Muir Hill Shovel Nose Tractor
dark yellow, red shovel
dark yellow, maroon shovel
light yellow, red shovel
J 30
Volkswagen 1500 Saloon
off white, 137 labels
J 31
Mercedes 230 SL
dark yellow
J 32
Maserati Bora
metallic burgundy, 3, orange stripe (from SF03b)
J 33
Datsun 126 X
lemon, black and red flames
J 34
orange, no engine, 34 hood label, stripes (sided) side labels
orange, no engine, 34 hood label, no side labels
orange, no engine, no hood label, no side labels
J 35
light red, 35
dark red, 35
dark red, sun (from SF47b)
J 36
Formula 5000
J 37
Skip Truck
red, blue skip
J 38
Lamborghini Miura
light gold
J 39
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II
dull matte gray
J 40
Vauxhall Guildsman
J 41
Chevrolet Ambulance
white, AMBULANCE / red cross (sided)
J 42
Mercedes-Benz Container Truck
yellow, DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST (square)
J 43
(VW) Dragon Wheels
light green, DRAGON WHEELS (sided)
J 44
Railway Passenger Coach
red, beige flat roof, 431 432 (narrow digits)
red, beige flat roof, 431 432
red, bone flat roof, 431 432
red, cream flat roof, GWR (from SF47c)
red, beige flat roof, GWR (from SF47c)
J 45
white and dark green, amber roof light, 123 / POLIZEI
J 46
Ford Tractor
blue, yellow harrow
blue, orange-yellow harrow
J 47
Toyota Celica
J 48
Sambron Fork Lift Truck
yellow, yellow arm, yellow fork
yellow, yellow-orange arm, yellow-orange fork
J 49
Crane Truck
J 50
Articulated Truck
yellow, black, orange-yellow, blue
lemon, black, lemon, blue
lemon, black, orange-yellow, blue
J 51
Citroen S.M.
metallic blue, red 8 (fish tail)
J 52
Dodge Charger MK III
dark metallic red
J 53
J 54
Personnel Carrier
olive green, no rear seats
olive green, tan rear seats
J 55
Ford Cortina MK IV
metallic lime, open doors
J 56
Mercedes 450SEL
metallic blue
J 57
Ford Wildlife Truck
yellow, red-brown lion, RANGER
yellow, tan lion, RANGER
J 58
Faun Dump Truck
J 59
Planet Scout
metallic red, beige
J 60
Holden Pick-Up
metallic maroon, yellow cycles, 500 with checkers
red, yellow cycles, 500 with checkers
red, lemon cycles, 500 with checkers
red, yellow cycles, star (from K-2001)
J 61
Ford Wreck Truck
J 62
metallic red, white side tampo, white hood tampo
metallic red, white hood tampo
J 63
Freeway Gas Tanker
white cab, white tank, SHELL (sided)
J 64
Fire Chief Car
red, blue roof light, FIRE, plain shield (sided)
red, blue roof light, FIRE, outlined shield (sided)
J 65
Airport Coach
dark blue, white roof, AMERICAN AIRLINES (sided)
dark blue, white roof, BRITISH AIRWAYS (sided)
dark blue, white roof, LUFTHANSA (sided)
J 66
Ford Transit
dark orange, brown cargo, less than 1 / 16" thin tailgate
dark orange, brown cargo, 3 / 16" thick tailgate
dark orange, dark tan cargo, 3 / 16" thick tailgate
dark orange, light tan cargo, 3 / 16" thick tailgate
J 67
Datsun (Nissan) 260 Z 2 + 2
metallic burgundy
metallic purple
J 68
Chevy Van
orange, wide blue and narrow red stripes, blue triangle on front sides
orange, wide blue and narrow red stripes
orange, wide blue and narrow white stripes
J 69
Armored Truck
red, WELLS FARGO, 732-2031
red, WELLS FARGO, QZ-2031
J 70
Mitsubishi Galant
J 71
Dodge Cattle Truck
bronze, orange-yellow
bronze, light orange
bronze, yellow
dull red, beige
J 72
Bomag Road Roller
J 73
Weasel Armoured Car
metallic green, black turret
olive green, black turret
J 74
Mercury Cougar Villager
light metallic lime, green tailgate
light metallic lime, olive tailgate
dark metallic lime, green tailgate
very dark metallic lime, green tailgate
J 75
Alfa Carabo
red, lime and yellow design
- variation information not available
- actual picture not available